Monday, January 24, 2011


So... I am generally incredibly opposed to pet names. Not that I myself have had many relationships to base this off of, but hearing other people call their significant others silly things like sweetie, baby, pooky, or what have you is just like... Really guys? Barf.

But, recently I have decided that if/when I ever have a significant other, then Darling would be an acceptable pet name. Now before you roll your eyes at me and call me old-fashioned I will explain why.

Psalm 35:17 states:
Lord, how long wilt thou look on? rescue my soul from their destructions, my darling* from the lions.
* Foot note: Darling is translated to only life.

So, if you call someone your darling, you are calling them your only life!

Call me a romantic (and it would be true), but the first time I read this and saw the translation I had to go "Awwww!" and then tell all the roomies. So there you have it: cute and scriptural. I'd say it's a good one. :)
♥, Meagan

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Christmas break is over, sadly. It was wonderful being home with family, but now it is back to reality or, as I like to call it... School. And school is back in full force right from day one. I'm taking 15 credits this semester, which is 6 classes. This is 2 more credits than last semester, but one less class. I figured it would average out to about the same difficulty, but if the first 3 days of classes are any indicator then this semester is going to be pret-ty intense.

Homework on the first day of classes, and 2 days of night classes? Not my favorite thing ever. Especially when those 2 night classes are almost 3 hours long each with no break in the middle. And I am barely getting home from campus at 10 o' clock at night. Yeah... Awesome.

But... Despite how much I hate it in the moment, in the end I will accomplish my dream and become an elementary school teacher just like I've always wanted to. So why complain, right? I just might survive this…
♥, Meagan

Saturday, January 1, 2011

"A Goal Not Written Down is Only a Wish" (2011)

I like coming up with goals for the new year in the hopes of maybe fixing some of my short comings. So... This year I resolve to:
  • Make more of an effort for in-depth scripture study. I need to set a certain time to do it, and not just do it to say that I did... but to learn from it.
  • Gain a stronger testimony.
  • Pray both morning and night. A day started with a prayer will undoubtedly go better.
  • Go the temple more often instead of other time wasting activities.
  • Be less lazy. Excercise some so I can feel good about the physical shape I am in.
  • Procrastinate less, schoolwork in particular. I need to do the reading and give all work my best effort. No more slacking!
  • Get more sleep... At more normal times.
  • Keep a regular written journal. This has been on my list for years. It's never happened... We'll see.
  • Be more service oriented. Laugh a little more. Brighten someone's day.
  • Eat healthier. No more college student diet! And yes, this means cooking...
  • Spend less time on facebook. It's too distracting. Facebook should be for when homework for the next day is finished. There are lots more productive things I could be doing with my time.
  • Make an effort to get to know more of the people around me. I want to branch out. "Do one thing every day that scares you." I saw that quote once on a magnet. Isn't that great? Getting to know new people is scary, no matter how much practice you've had with moving around and starting over (and believe me, I've had lots). I want to step out of my comfort zone, because that's where life begins! And who knows? Maybe I will touch them in a way that I don't even realize.
To sum everything up... I want to learn to love myself even more. I want to be a more cheerful person. I want to put myself out there without worrying about what others think and stretch myself to become even better than I ever knew I could.
     "I wanna make a memory filled with love... The kind you don't forget!" ♥
I think that this one line from a song I was listening to last night would be a great theme for this coming year. I hope that by remembering and putting into action the things I've listed above that I will be happier, and there will be less stress and more fun times with new friends. So... Let's get out there and make some memories!
♥, Meagan