Monday, February 28, 2011

From Bad to Ice Cream

So far my week has been full of frustration. And it's only Monday. What, you may ask, has me stressed this early in the week? Well, I am going to answer you!

- Firstly, assignments that you totally gave precedence over others and took you forever to do (as in a whole Saturday) being postponed a month. Then having to complete the others with not much time to do it in.
- Finally learning you got accepted into your major, and being happy for an hour or so until you go talk to an advisor, where you are told that the class that has been the bane of your existence all semester is now no longer required. As well as half of the classes you took last semester, and the feeling that this whole school year has been a waste of time.
- Realizing that next semester your major wants you in 18 credits, and the 15 you have now is already almost too much to handle.
- Upon realizing how burned out you currently are, you then realize that you are going to be in college for a whole year longer than planned.... Also add to this a huge homework load and visiting teaching on the last night of the month.
- Calling your older sister and crying for 45 minutes can help a little though. Except for then being completely exhausted since crying is such an energy sapper.

But, after all this... You know what helps ease some of the frustration? And maybe even makes you forget about the bad things for a little bit? A caring roommate who sees you're upset and takes you out for your favorite kind of ice cream. (Actually I took her, as I am the one with the car) But she bought mine, and I was happy. Chocolate brownie ice cream has a way of making life better, if only for a little while.

♥, Meagan