Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I decided that I sort of love 6th graders' humor. Today, one of the boys in my class jumped out of his seat completely out of the blue, and asked "What would you guys say to us doing a Harlem Shake?" That's one of those moments where you have to bite your lip and not acknowledge that the disruptive child is funny. He asked his teacher if they could and she said no. Then he said "What about at recess?" She still said no, and he was a little let down. No one else seemed too torn up about it, though.

We get to go on a field trip tomorrow! To BYU... haha. I can't escape the place! But we are going to the planetarium, so I think it'll be pretty cool. My first observation is also tomorrow. Right after a field trip and recess, so hopefully the kids aren't too wild. I'm teaching them how to write persuasive essays, which is a super fascinating topic. But really... I'm excited to read them. I'm having them write me a persuasive essay about whether or not teachers should assign homework. I think it will be entertaining to see their arguments. :)

Today my teacher also informed me of what I will be teaching for the rest of practicum. It's nice to know so far in advance, but I feel pretty overwhelmed. Next week and the week after I am going to be teaching one math inquiry lesson as well as science, social studies, and book clubs for the whole 2 weeks. This amounts to me teaching about 3-4 hours out of the day for the next 2 weeks straight, when the most I have taught up until this point is like 45 minutes. My teacher wasn't kidding when she said she was going to "throw me off the deep end."

It's gonna be a party... But I guess it will help me to be that much more prepared for real life. :)
Wish me luck!
♥, Meagan

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