Thursday, January 6, 2011


Christmas break is over, sadly. It was wonderful being home with family, but now it is back to reality or, as I like to call it... School. And school is back in full force right from day one. I'm taking 15 credits this semester, which is 6 classes. This is 2 more credits than last semester, but one less class. I figured it would average out to about the same difficulty, but if the first 3 days of classes are any indicator then this semester is going to be pret-ty intense.

Homework on the first day of classes, and 2 days of night classes? Not my favorite thing ever. Especially when those 2 night classes are almost 3 hours long each with no break in the middle. And I am barely getting home from campus at 10 o' clock at night. Yeah... Awesome.

But... Despite how much I hate it in the moment, in the end I will accomplish my dream and become an elementary school teacher just like I've always wanted to. So why complain, right? I just might survive this…
♥, Meagan

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