Wednesday, April 17, 2013

And So it Begins!...

Now that this semester is winding down I think my brain needs something else to worry about, since finals totally aren't enough... So I had this hilarious dream the other night, which is great because normally I can't remember my dreams for more than like the 30 seconds right after I wake up. It was my very first "Oh no, it is the first day of school and I'm not ready!" dream. It has begun, ladies and gents. This internship is getting so real and close!

In this dream I dreamed that I was at the school I am doing my internship at. I woke up like 10 minutes before school was supposed to start (in a bed... in my classroom. Apparently this was not all that strange in this dreamscape.) Anyway... I started flipping out because the kids were going to show up and I was in my pajamas. I was freaking out because I did not have extra clothes to wear at school (What, I have a bed and PJ's but no change of clothes? I would be a horrible boy scout.)

At this point I saw my facilitator walk by (the person that is my connection between BYU and my elementary school) and I called out to her... "Elisa!" (I think that is her name. I will have to check again.) "I am freaking out! I am not ready! Will you stay here while my class shows up so I can go home and change?" But she told me that she was leaving for the day, so she could not help me out. Then one of my students showed up and said "Hi, Miss Jardine!" Then I really started freaking out and I was super embarrassed about my unprofessional attire. What are their parents going to think?? So I told her that I would be back and started running (literally) all over the school looking for a change of clothes.

And then I woke up. And cracked up! I am so glad I don't plan on sleeping in my classroom so situations like this will never occur, hahaha. Oh, my brain comes up with the silliest things. :) I love my life. :)

♥, Meagan

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