Sunday, April 14, 2013

You are Not Horrible People

Today someone got up during testimony meeting in church and prefaced his testimony with "You are not horrible people." This kind of took me off guard, but then he reminded us that we all make mistakes and that we all sin. We are not a perfect people, and God loves us regardless. Quite frankly... We are probably doing better than we think we are. We are our own worst critics, after all.

I sincerely believe that this life is not a time to dwell on our imperfections. At least not in an unhealthy way.  In all honesty, complete perfection is impossible for us. I don't mean to sound like a Debby Downer, because I do have a hopeful perspective on this. To me, the point of this life is not complete perfection, it is in striving for perfection. But if we work hard and stick to our beliefs, making every effort to draw nearer to Christ, then we will be able to exhibit our best selves and show Him that we are indeed trying, and we are worthy to inherit all that He has. So there you have it. Whatever you are struggling with, whatever imperfections stare you in the mirror, whatever habit you are just unable to break... It does not make you a horrible person. I think we can all use this reminder at times. God knows you personally, and He loves you and recognizes your efforts. Take comfort in that.

Happy Sunday, everybody! :)
♥, Meagan

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