Monday, April 29, 2013

Summer is for Relaxing?... Psych! Here Comes the PRAXIS!!

Prioritize... Procrastinate... Both P-words, but I am way better at one than the other. Guess which?

As far as prioritizing goes, I spent the last 4 days of my life thoroughly deep-cleaning my bedroom here at home so that I could unpack all of my school stuff and move in long-term. (Still so weird to think about.) But, I am taking the PRAXIS (another P-word!) Wednesday (In like 36 hours!), and I am really struggling to get motivated to study. Told you I was better at one than the other. However, I made myself a friendly reminder and I think it may help me out a little bit:

Or maybe not. We'll see if it has any effect on me tomorrow.

But for now I am going to enjoy some home-cooked food that I did not have to make (yes, at 11:30 at night. Maybe I'm a little unconventional.) And go to bed eventually. I have an entire days' worth of studying ahead of me!
♥, Meagan

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